TEDx RioDeLaPlata 2017 Itinerant Pavillion

Furetsu is a digital designed and fabricated pavilion, which explores the architectonical properties of a cheap and light material such as the corrugated polyethylene. Its doubly curved “skin” is discretized in 672 unique, laser cutted pieces, which grouped in four and joined through a male-female system generate 168 pyramid shape modules. The particular geometry of the interlocked components constitute a peculiar ribbed structure. Since the union between the modules is made with bolts, the pavilion can be easily assembled and disassembled. The general geometry was produced with a digital form-finding process, which allowed to come up against a structurally efficient morphology. Additional structural support is provided by a set of 6mm thick plywood ribs, which are interposed between the white modules at regular distance.

Client: Tedx Buenos Aires
Design and development: Francesco Milano, Karen Antorveza
Construction Team: Gabriel Fortunato Chalabe, Guillaume Jami, Camila Narbaitz Sarsur, Nicolas Vischi
Photography: Ramiro Iturrioz

Supported by  ︎︎︎CheLa