Edificio Para Cerimonias Desconocidas

High Tech Design, Low Tech Fabrication

“Edificio para cerimonias desconocidas” is a 12 m width timber structure. Due to its peculiar geometry, it can be defined both as a fence wall, protecting an enclosed intimate space, and the access to that space itself. In fact, reaching the core is only possible by running across the ascending and descending path defined by the spiral layout of th wall.
The structure is composed by a series of timber frames (radial sections), placed one after the other at regular distance, so to create a unique, monolithic element. The design process took into account that the construction would have been led in a countryside venue, exclusively with the use of manual tools. The frames, all different from each other, were built with the help of a template, and an Excel sheet containing their mesures, which represented the only  construction “plan” of the building.
The amount of timber employed was optimized to correspond exactly to the amount available (1 km). The project was buildt in the first edition of Hello Wood Argentina.

Design: Karen Antorveza and Francesco Milano
Team of Hello Wood: Marco Correa Panizzi, Lucila Vidal, Sebastian Cordi, Matias Renner, José Luis Valladares Ulloa, Mariano Zalazar, Federico Zorrozua, Angela Lucia Budini, Agustina Gagliardi Burgueño, Paula Gonzalez, Ailen Pipliza.
PH: Fernando Schapochnik
Drone: Bernardo Ramirez