Cobogò - Behavioural Robotic Fabrication

This concept study for a façade- cladding system aims to explore how a traditional craftsmanship technique, such as the ceramic forming, can be expanded with computational design and digital fabrication methods. The core element of the project is a robotic set up, able to shape clay in a behavioural / non deterministic way. The manufacturing process consists of a feedback loop, in which datas collected through computer vision iteratively guides the robotic motion in the shaping of the tile.
No predetermined toolpath movement is defined in advance, as the resultant holes-pattern on the clay is the product of the sensing loop, that guides the robot’s behaviour under a certain set of rules. The paradigm of a new kind of creativity emerges, where the appearance of the product is no longer the direct reflection of the designer’s intencions, but autonomously generated by the programmed self-conciousness of the tool. The resulting tiles are aesthetically coherent, but all unique and unrepeatable.

credits: Karen Antorveza, Talal Ammou, ITECH, ICD, Uni Stuttgart.